Learning Blender
May 19, 2020

Blender is a technology I've been wanting to learn for some time. These images are large experimental artworks meant to explore the features of Blender. They're organized by progression through the learning process.

Role: Artist. Technologies: Tilt Brush, Blender.

Mister cactus below was an earlier piece where I figured out how to model the curved arms but didn't understand how to smooth the cylinder. None the less. It remains something to smile about. 😃

Having some experience with Tilt Brush, I decided to do some virtual reality drawing and bring that work into blender as seen below. This remains an interest of mine when creating art in Blender; painting in virtual reality is just so smooth.

The above and below images are an attempt to mix my flat drawing style with expressive, 3-dimensional forms. I'm a huge fan of this mix of style.