Rocket Rabbits
December 5, 2019

Rocket Rabbits is a running brand for speedy bunnies. My partner Rachel and I are runners and we were looking for a creative, fun brand to represent us on the street. Being vegans and carrot lovers, we came up with the idea of a rabbit with Iron Man style boots. From there, a brand exploration was born.

Sketches were done on iPad with Procreate. It's my first time ever using iPad software for creation and it worked out wonderfully.

Once my brushes were dialed in just right, I was able to iterate very quickly on lettering styles. I could even achieve semi-transparent lettering very quickly, blowing any analog approach I could come up with out of the water.

I ended up with this bold, fat marker letter form that I can imagine being hand painted on a wall. Semi-transparency gives it more dimension solidifies the paint effect.

I can imagine this form being blown up on a t-shirt with nice bright colors.

Rocket Rabbit is still a work in process. Plans are to eventually work to match Rocket Rabbits style to the type forms above.

Last but not least, we did make a little website to track our progress. This site is the quintessential minimum viable product. Run data is manually entered in Contentful, and the site is re-rendered on any content changes. In the future, we would want to build out a full mobile run tracker.